Current Research Staff:


Dr. Essam Abdelfattah

Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Animal Science
Office Location: 2424 Meyer Hall



Research Interests:

Dr. Abdelfattah earned a veterinary degree from Benha University, Egypt, and a PhD from Benha University, Egypt in cooperation with Purdue University, IN, USA. Prior to joining the Makagon Lab he was a lecturer in the Department of Animal Hygiene, Behavior and Management, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Egypt. He continues to be interested in teaching and is actively involved in mentoring undergraduate students in the Makagon Lab. His research interest involve the way in which physiology and behavior contribute to animal welfare. He is currently working on projects pertaining to fertility and reproduction of poultry.


Past Research Staff Members:

  • Dr. Victoria Cussen (Postdoc; 2014-2015)*
  • Giuseppe Vezzoli (Research Staff; 2013-2014)*
  • Stephanie Robles (Research Staff; 2012-2013)*

*Asterisk denotes affiliation with Makagon Lab at Purdue University