Desiree Holguin (UG) helps set up pens for an upcoming research project (Nov. 2017)

Dr. Makagon and Dr. Blatchford, Holloween, 2017

The Makagon Lab celebrates as Sydney rings the graduatation bells! (Dec. 2017)

Maja Makagon attends the 2017 Bioethics Teaching Workshop, Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Makagon observing ducks

Ashley Birakos (UG), 2017 NA-ISAE conference, Ames, IA

Dr. Abdeflattah (post-doc), 2017 Post-Doctoral Conference, UC Davis

Ashley Birakos (UG, right) and Karina Hissen (UG, left), 2017 Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference, UC Davis

Sydney Baker (M.S. Student), 2016 PePa meeting