Post-doctoral scholar
(winter 2019 – fall 2020)
Department of Animal Science




While at the lab…
Christina’s research centered around keel bone fracture development, detection and prevalence in laying hens. She contributed, as lead author, to a review of 30 years worth of scientific studies on keel bone fracture (Rufener & Makagon, 2020), and led several aspects of a multifaceted keel bone fracture project conducted in collaboration with Drs. Richard Blatchford (UC Davis), Suzanne Millman (Iowa State), John Tarlton (Bristol University, UK) and Michael Toscano (University of Bern, CH). Results from this research will be published over the next several years as data collection on some parts of the project are ongoing. In addition to leading her own projects, Christina contributed her statistical expertise to nearly every study in the lab. She is a co-author on Pullin et al., 2020 , Wood et al., 2021 and several pending publications. In 2019 Christina was awarded with the prestigious Research Prize of the International Society for Livestock Husbandry for outstanding and applied research promoting species-appropriate livestock husbandry. The award recognized her PhD work (completed before her arrival to UC Davis).

Where is she now:

Christina left her postdoctoral position to accept an exciting independent research opportunity as Research Associate at the Centre for Proper Housing of Ruminants and Pigs (Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO) in Switzerland.