M.S. Student (fall 2021 – summer 2023)
Animal Biology Graduate Group

Junior Specialist (fall 2020-summer 2021)
Department of Animal Science

Currently: PhD student, UC Davis


While in the Makagon Lab

Cloude’s research explored the way in which behavioral sampling protocols impact the accuracy and reliability of the data.  Her interests stemmed from questions she asked while working as an undergraduate intern, an later a Junior Specialist supporting laying hen research conducted by Drs. Makagon and Blatchford (UC Davis).  In that role, Cloude participated in all aspects of lab operations. She managed several components of a  multi-lab research project on the development and prevalence of keel bone fractures in laying hens. She additionally assisted with the lab’s many administrative tasks, and assisted with transcribing pullet and hen behaviors from video. Cloude began her involvement in lab research as an undergraduate research intern on the same project.

Cloude received multiple awards as a M.S. student, including the a 2021-2022 NSRT Fellowship for international  students, the 2022-23 Kratzer, Ogasawara & Vohra award and the Ursula Knight Abbott Research Travel Grant (2022) She has also received an award from the Western Poultry Scholarship and Research Foundation (2022), and the Jastro-Shields Award (2022).

Where is she now?

After earning her M.S. degree, Cloude commenced a PhD in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group, UC Davis, in Dr. Richard Blatchford’s lab.

Fun fact: Before coming to UC Davis Cloude was involved in rehoming stray cats. Thirty rescued cats are currently living with her parents!