Postdoctoral Scholar
(sp. 2015-sp. 2018)
Department of Animal Science
UC Davis



While at the Makagon Lab…

During his tenure in the Makagon Lab Dr. Abdelfattah worked on three poultry welfare-related projects, exploring the potential of using essential oil for controlling norther fowl mite infestations (Abdelfattah et al., 2018), evaluating methods for assessing commercial duck welfare (Abdelfattah et al., 2020), and assessing the impacts of genetic selection strategies on thermoregulatory behaviors of quail. While at UC Davis Dr. Abdelfattah participated in the Leaders for the Future and FUTURE professional development programs. He was the recipient of the UC Davis Community Service Award (2017) and several travel awards. 

Where is he now?

After departing the lab, Dr. Abdelfattah held additional post-doctoral positions in the Department of Animal Science, UC Davis and the Department of Population Health and Reproduction, UC Davis.