Visiting PhD Candidate
(fall 2022 – spring 2023)

Home Institution:
University of Padua



While at the Makagon Lab:
Fabrizio spent an academic year in the lab as a visiting PhD student from the University of Padua. He brought a different perspective to the lab, as the only lab member not focused on poultry. At the time of his visit he was completing his dissertation research on the housing and welfare of rabbits, and had already contributed to two publications on this topic (Birolo et al., 2022 and Trocino et al., 2022).  While at UC Davis, Fabrizio worked on a literature review dealing with the housing of pet guinea pigs and developed regarding the housing of pet rabbits in the US, while assisting with our broiler and Pekin duck welfare research. Fabrizio’s year abroad is funded by a research grant from the University of Padua, with additional funding provided by the Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Nutrition and the Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment at the University of Padua.

Fun fact:  Fabrizio has raised and bred tortoises for over 10 years