PhD Student
(fall 2017 – 2022)
Animal Behavior Graduate Group

Currently: Post-doc, University of Saskatchewan



While in the lab…
Lindsey studied the development of behavioral characteristics in relation to endocrinological markers. Her dissertation research addressed domesticated (Pekin ducks) and wild ducks (Wood ducks), and basic and applied research questions.  Lindsey’s first project evaluated the relationship between early social experience (rearing with or without physical contact with female ducklings) and reproductive development of male ducks (behavior, fertility and circulating testosterone; Broadus et al., 2022). Her second study focused on the relationships between early and adult body condition, and the ability of individual birds to cope with acute stress, and was done in collaboration with Dr. Tom Hahn, Dr. John Eadie, and members of the Eadie Lab (publication pending). While at UC Davis, Lindsey became passionate about sharing her excitement for science with others. She became an active contributor to the Ethogram (Animal Behavior Graduate Group’s Blog), and sought out diverse teaching experiences.

Lindsey received numerous awards. She was the recipient of a scholarship from the Western Poultry Scholarship and Research Foundation (2018). She was awarded and two Hart, Cole, Goss Fellowships (2019 & 2018) and two Kratzer, Ogasawara, Vohra Scholarship awards (2020 & 2021) from the Department of Animal Science, UC Davis. She successfully competed for two Jastro-Shields awards through the Animal Behavior Graduate Group (2019, 2020) and received a Graduate Program Fellowship from the Animal Biology Graduate Group (2018). She also received research funding (2021) from the Selma Herr Fund for Ornithological Research, and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for her research from the Poultry Science Association (

Where is she now?

Upon completing her PhD, Lindsey accepted a post-doctoral position working with Dr. Mitch Weegman (DUC Endowed Chair in Wetland and Waterfowl Conservation) at the University of Saskatchewan.

Fun fact:  Lindsey became certified in Jib and Stiffleg Derrick Crane operation while doing her M.S. research.