MAJA2015Maja M. Makagon

Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science

University of California, Davis


Office Location: 2245 Meyer Hall

Office Phone: 530.752.9419


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  • B.A.:   University of Virginia, 2001 (Biology)
  • M.A.:   Cornell University, 2005 (Psychology)
  • Ph.D.:  University of California Davis, 2010 (Animal Behavior)



My research program focuses on interplay between the behavior, welfare and management of poultry, including ducks, turkeys, laying hens and broilers.  My lab focuses on 3 topic areas:  1) assessing the effects of the physical and social environments on bird behavior, 2) evaluating the relationship between behavior and bone integrity, and 3) developing and validating practical, species-specific welfare assessment measures.  A common goal of this work is to develop strategies to help minimize behavior-related poultry management issues while optimizing bird welfare and production.


I am currently a lead instructor for the winter quarter offering of Animal Welfare (ANS 103)  and the spring offering of Ethics of Animal Use (ANS 170). I additionally lead a Seminars Abroad Program in Poland entitled “Equine Welfare and Management” ( The program is possible through a collaboration with faculty at the Rzeszow University.