M.S. Student (fall 2015-winter 2017)
Animal Biology Graduate Group



While at the Makagon Lab…
Sydney’s research thesis examined the “Impact Behavior and Keel Bone Damage Development in Laying Hens Housed in Enriched Colony Systems”. Sydney was the lead author on an Applied Animal Behaviour Science publication and co-authored two papersĀ  (Chargo et al. 2019a, Chargo et al. 2019b). Additional publications from her thesis research are still forthcoming. She was the recipient of the 2016 Pacific Egg and Poultry Association’s Student Merit Award and the winner of the 2016 Western Poultry Scholarship and Research Foundation’s Student Poster Presentation Award. Sydney also received numerous travel awards.

Where is she now?
After graduating with her M.S. degree, Sydney worked in immuno-oncology research. She has since returned to UC Davis, and is currently an imaging research associate at the Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging.