We have recently 2 new journal articles on on the development of spatial abilities in laying hens, in relation to their early housing experiences. The work is a collaborative effort between many, and was carried out by Allison Pullin (now faculty at NCSU) and Claire Jones (now a PhD student at UCDavis)!  Check out the articles here:

Pullin et al (2022). Providing height to pullets does not influence hippocampal dendritic morphology or brain-derived neurotrophic factor at the end of the rearing period. Poultry science101(12), 102161.,


Jones, C. T., Pullin, A. N., Blatchford, R. A., Makagon, M. M., & Horback, K. (2023). Effects of rearing with vertical structures on the ontogeny of depth perception in laying hens. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 105837.