Perdue Farms Chicken Enrichment Contest judges (R. Swartzentruben, M. Makagon, T. Grandin) along with chairman (Jim Perdue) and CEO (Randy Day) of Perdue Farms, Inc.

Maja Makagon joined Temple Grandin  and Richard Swartzentruber as an invited judge for the finale of the Perdue Farms Chicken Enrichment Contest and given the difficult talk of  selecting the top enrichment from among the five farmer designed enrichment devices that made it to the finals. More information about the contest and its winners can be found at


Pictured in photo: Maja Makagon (center) with fellow judges Temple Grandin and Richard Swartzentruber, Jim Perdue (chairman, Perdue Farms,  Inc., far left) and Randy Day (CEO, Perdue Farms, Inc., far right).